US Fee: $5,000 / Canada, Mexico Fee: $7,500
UK, EU Fee: $10,000 / AF/AU/NZ/AS/Other Fee: $12,500


“Social Fireworks and How Much You Really Know” (Keynote or Workshop)

Everyone is a little scared of the noise and getting burned but we all start to understand social media from the same point. The big decision is to be involved. Likely it’s going to be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or many of the other digital tools that connect you to information and people in the future.  This session gets you comfortable with how to get started, for those who have never touched social media all the way to experience with tweeting, tagging, updating, liking and sharing.

“Note to Self – Five Lessons for finding your life” (Keynote or Workshop)

Five lessons from my book “Note to Self”.  My story is about working through life’s challenges to find yourself, personally and professionally. Learning to live your life helps you find happiness, serenity and success. My message to audiences is my story about hitting bottom and the path to self discovery from there. Discovering and practicing fitness for my mind, body and soul is how I practice living my life but we’re all human and make mistakes. I try and remember to forgive myself for my mistakes, then others might follow.