Bryan Wempen: Healthcare IT | Workforce Intelligence | Coffee geek & Veganish | Self-awareness Author & Speaker

“Healthcare IT, Workforce Intelligence Expert, author, speaker, coffee geek & veganish: Bryan Wempen likes getting to the bottom of questions and thoughts that stream through his mind constantly. He uses various ways to research such as interviewing domain experts for whatever topic of research then sharing via podcast.  I’ve been part of over 1,000 podcasts since 2010, it’s a medium that he’s obviously embraced.

“I’ve started researching two new books projects that will be released in late 2016 and early 2018. The great American novel is the 2018 release; it will be my first venture into the world of fiction. The 2016 work is still undecided, working through several ideas, outlines, concepts and inspirations.”~Bryan Wempen

His last work, “Dancing with Big Data: Conversations with the Experts” focused on sharing several futurism perspectives based on 15 Big Data expert conversations in 2015. The experts came from Facebook, Glassdoor, Echovate, and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

Bryan’s first book was on self-awareness, he shared 99 lessons about his path to self-awareness. The name of the book was,”Note to Self, A Collection of 99 Life Lessons”.  Great story about naming the book; “sitting at breakfast in this veganish diner in Dallas, TX in 2013 with Michella talking when she stated, Note-to-Self…and something that was top of mind with her of which I don’t remember, I knew right then the name had found the book”.  His journey was well underway for his first work.



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Dancing with Big Data

Big Data Conversations with the Experts

As I start to discover the ins and outs of understanding big data, hopefully these conversations will help HR practitioners get to know some basics. Maybe at the very least you have a good set of questions to go find your own experts to visit with about big data.

“But by putting aside preconceptions about data, seeking out leaders in the field, and asking questions that run the gamut from entry level to quantum mechanics, he’s put together a great package of information.” —DWANE LAY, SPHR, VP OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AT DOVETAIL SOFTWARE


Note to Self

A collection of 99 life lessons, my path to Self-awareness.

These lessons are what I use everyday to live my life in a way that I do my best to be intentional and self-aware. I have to remind myself that bad minutes, hours and days happen but they’re not everything, they are just moments.

“Through this series of lessons, Bryan shares from his heart and soul the many lessons he has learned along the way to becoming the extraordinary person that he is.” —ANGELA MAIERS, FOUNDER, CHOOSE2MATTER MOVEMENT